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here&there – the smart home monitoring system

If you are concerned about an elderly or vulnerable relative who lives alone, our discreet home monitoring system can help you. Your relative may live on their own and want to spend time alone but your family may be nervous about this. You may be worried about them having a fall, or they may have a health condition such as diabetes, dementia or arthritis that leaves them vulnerable. You may be away for work or just live too far away to pop in and check that everything is okay. How can you help them to stay living independently in their own home for as long as possible? How can you make sure they’re safe and sound when you can’t be around all the time?

If you are asking yourself those questions, here&there is your answer. here&there is a home monitoring system that uses smart sensor technology to monitor the movements of your loved one around their home 24/7. The movements are immediately and securely sent to a timeline display that can be accessed via phone, tablet or PC. Family or friends can log-in at any time to make sure that your relative is going about their daily routine in a normal way. And if anything out of the ordinary happens our clever system can be set to send you an alert. Those who have here&there in their homes tell us that it also gives them peace of mind. They know that here&there helps you look after each other from a distance, so that when you do speak you can spend the time catching up, not checking up.

The Benefits

Help your relative live independently for longer and get rid of those nagging worries:

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