The technology

The technology

Single-user systems for families - a simple system that offers peace of mind

There are no intrusive cameras. Our standard system uses five motion and two door sensors within the home. The sensors monitor activity day and night as your relative moves about. Data is sent in real time direct to our secure server and a timeline is built which is available to view through your online log-in viewer. Your timeline helps you to learn what patterns to expect. Many of our customers log in once a day for reassurance to check that their mum, dad, friend or relative has had a normal active day. It's quick and reassuring and you can very soon learn to spot any oddities.

Text and email alerts can be set to trigger alerts to you, your family or a carer if something out of the ordinary happens or an expected event occurs, or does not happen. You can give access to as many people as you like and each person can set their own alerts, so that you can share the caring need throughout the family – no matter how far apart everyone lives. Or you could involve carers, friends or neighbours as you want.

One-to-many systems for care organisations - an expandable intelligent offering that gives you control

Our care organisation systems can be tailored to specific need. Most still use five motion and two door sensors within the home but we can adjust this for special needs. The data from multiple systems is sent to our secure server where the status of all your clients is made visible on an easy-to-view "traffic light" control panel. Timelines are built for each cared for person, and you can decide which of your staff sees which client. The control panel gives easy access to all client details and event histories.

Through time we are introducing more advanced analysis of our collected data. This uses machine learning to examine the patterns of activity our systems detect. As one of our clients, you have access to all upgrades to our systems as they are developed. Our goal is to help you achieve your outcomes at best value; we know you need to allocate staff efficiently and make sure they provide your service productively.

The Installation

The Installation

It's flexible, reliable and easy to install

Installation is simple. Sensors can be placed anywhere around the home - typically the Bedroom, Bathroom, Hall/Stairs, Kitchen, Living Room and front and back doors. They fix easily using a strong mounting strip – no technical knowledge is needed. If you can hang a picture you can install the sensors. Each sensor is battery powered and these batteries will last 2-3 years before they need changing. The system doesn’t need a phone line or Wi-Fi to work.

We use a reliable self-contained receiver which plugs into a regular socket and connects automatically to the sensors as soon as you plug it in. The movement data is then sent via a GPRS modem within the receiver to our secure data centre where it’s collated.

When you receive your equipment it is ready to plug in, you do not need to do anything other than put the sensors up and plug the receiver into a mains plug, we do the rest. The movements of your loved one are then displayed on their time line in real time.

The Benefits

Helping people live independently for longer:

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